Casket Wraps

Atlanta Custom Caskets Process

We offer custom wrapped caskets and custom caskets to the public throughout the United States.

There are some important info you should know when ordering custom wrapped caskets. The funeral home can not refuse a casket. They also can’t charge you an additional fee to bring custom or standard casket into their funeral home. If they try any of these tactics let them know they are breaking they law. Please view the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rules.

Atlanta Custom Caskets is committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Our team understands that the ability to provide personalized funeral services is a growing demand, as it helps families cope with the loss of their loved one. We realize that this is a difficult time for the families, and a also busy time.

Our entire team is committed to being your leading source for reliable and unique casket personalization and has created a process that will guide you through each step, ensuring the most efficient turnaround possible.

Let's Get Started


  • Communication is a key aspect to our process. Whether you are working directly with one of our engagement specialists, or communicating online with our team, we will help make this process as easy and convenient for you as possible.
  • We will walk you through the process prior to ordering, so you have a better understanding of how it works.
  • The two major questions we will need to know: What date is the service, and where are you located? These questions will help ensure that this is something we are able to provide given the timeframe.
  • You can fill out our online questionnaire to get process started.
  • While communication is the first step in the process, we are dedicated to providing constant communication throughout the process, helping to keep your mind at ease.

Placing Your Order

  • Once you are ready, the next step is to place your directly with team. You will be guided through the payment process via phone, or email.
  • A 15 minute virtual consultation is also available to discuss any specific needs or requests following the purchase of your Custom Casket.
  • Once ordered, a team member will be in direct contact to review your order, and walk you through the process.

Design Process

  • Once casket has been ordered and consultation has been completed. Our team quickly gets to work on the custom design of your Custom Wrapped Casket.
  • The design of your Casket is a major aspect of the process, as it helps capture the personality and uniqueness of the individual. Our team takes pride in creating the most distinct and high-quality designs for all of our orders.
  • If you selected one of our pre-designed concepts, our team will begin production immediately as your design was already selected.
  • You can also utilize our catalog of designs as a starting point for your custom wrap, or as inspiration in combining different concepts.
  • If you ordered a custom wrap, our team will review the information provided at the time of order, as well as any special notes or details provided, either online or during your consultation.
  • Be sure to provide as much information as possible, as well as any specific colors, quotes, or pictures. Remember, we can only print high resolution imagery, to ensure the best overall quality.
  • Based on the discussed timeframe of your order, a proof will be sent of your design. We require a final approval before printing to ensure that all parties are on the same page with the concept. This is a crucial part of the process in ensuring everything else stays on time.


  • Once artwork has been finalized and approved, your custom design will be printed and and installed unto the casket.
  • To help maintain the highest print quality, our team perform scheduled and preventative maintenance on our equipment to operate at peak performance.
  • Once your order is printed, and installed onto your custom casket they are then prepped for delivery or shipment.


  • Atlanta Custom Caskets offer free local delivery in the Atlanta¬† area (within 50 miles of our Location).
  • For deliveries beyond 50 miles their is a $2.00/mile charge
  • Atlanta Custom Caskets ships nation wide via to most major cities via airlines.¬† For more info on national shipping contact us.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you have any questions with the process, or prior to ordering. Our goal is to make this an easy experience for you. Communication is a major aspect in our process.